FlexPay PLUS ® FAQs

1). What if a customer already has a FlexPay PLUS® contract?
There can only be one FlexPay PLUS® contract open per customer. If they want to payoff early, they may elect to do this and then can open another FlexPay PLUS® otherwise the application will be denied until their current FlexPay PLUS® ™ contract is completed.

2). Can the customer save interest by paying off early?
Yes, the customer can pay off early and save a percentage of the interest.

3). Can the customer change the date of the deduction from their checking or savings account?
The customer can call us to obtain their payment processor’s phone number to change the payment date going forward for the next payment. Fees for such changes vary by state.

4). Does Kahuna report good credit to the credit bureau?
Yes, we report credit on a monthly basis.

5). Does Kahuna accept checking accounts with debit card only?
Yes, Kahuna will accept checking accounts which have a debit card only. We need to have the name of the Bank, the routing and account number.

6).What is a non-traditional Credit Score?
A traditional score comes from three credit reporting agencies: Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Our score comes from L2C which uses none of these reporting agencies to determine a score. The L2C score comes from alternative information sources such as payday loan repayments, check cashing and others.

7). May I re-apply in the future?
Yes, consumers can re-apply after 30 days with the retailer.